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Our sophisticated cannabis cultivation, produces more consistent strength of medial marijuana in Colorado Springs Co., than ever before. Come by and visit our Medical Marijuana Center in Colorado Springs Today! The plant is grown in our warehouse under strict laws and regulations. Similar to tobacco,

Medicinal Marijuana for Colorado Approved Ailments

but at a much smaller volume. Rocky Road Remedies LLC takes great pride in dispensing consistent product. Superior quality in every plant allows patients to maintain a recommended dosing schedule with their doctor.  Rocky Road Remedies LLC takes great pride in maintaining your approved medical marijuana plants.  Growing marijuana in an industrial environment has dramatically improved the growing conditions.   Maintaining perfect temperature, humidity and light condition we have improved upon not only the quality but the consistency of the plant.  Indica & Sativa are some amazing strains in our warehouse that are producing superior quality to others.  Come by and visit Medical Marijuana Center in Colorado Springs today.

Crystal Funk
High Quality Rocky Road Crystal Funk

Island Sweet Skunk
High Quality Rocky Road Island Sweet Skunk





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